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We simplify hydroponics with our technology and developments to make crop production easier, more efficient and sustainable.


In a very competitive world, we have the technology, the expertise and experience to deliver reliable solutions for a successful start.


Our mission is to provide solutions for an efficient use and managment of water and other inputs (fertilizer, electricity and equipment) in comercial greenhouses. By doing so, we protect our environment and enhance the production of healthy and high quality vegetables.

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In H2 hydroponics we promote, develop, design and test hydroponic technologies from our own and all around. We understand there is no magic solution for our clients, hence we can offer you a variety of hydroponic solutions adapted to your needs. We reduce water and fertilizer waste by implementing water recirculation in all our systems.



H2HYDROPONICS put at your service a wide network of growers, consultants and agronomists for the best of your project. We operate worldwide with the most prestigious companies around the world.


Please feel free to reach us for a complete assesment of your project.


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