Асфальтовый асфальт для обратного наполнения дороги, ремонт, холодный асфальт, материал в пакете 20 кг, совокупный Размер 10 мм

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Product Overview


Go Green asphalt backfilling road pothole repair cold asphalt material in 20kg bag 10mm aggregate size


Product Description


Go Green Superior Cold Mix Asphalt is a Superior Permanent Road maintenance material, uses a high performance polymer formulated to guarantee its good workability, applicable in all weather conditions and can works in water, repair both asphalt and concrete driveway, no tools needed, accept traffic immediately after installation.


Application Range


Go Green cold mix asphalt is best choice to repair potholes, utility cuts, road edges, water main breaks, also be utilized as permanent asphalt patch, trench reinstatements, man hole adjustments.


Go Green cold mix asphalt can repair both concrete and asphalt road easily.




Outstanding Features:


1. All weather to use

2. Applicable for rainy and snowy

3. Used in concrete or bituminous pavements

4. No need tar coating material

5. Permanent repair, no need to maintenance at least 10 years 

6. Construction is simple, open to traffic soon

7. Working temperature is -25℃ to 50℃

8. Shelf life unopen 2 years

9. 100% eco-friendly, cold mixing


Packages are available in 20kg bag, 20kg bucket and 1 ton bag


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How to use




Step 1 Clear


Sweep the base of the pothole of any loose debris by sweeping or raking. Ensure that no large loose rocks are present in the pothole before pothole repair step 2.


Step 2 Pour


Fill the pothole with Go Green cold mix asphalt. Recommended compacted depth is 50mm. If area is deeper than 50mm, compact in layers (no deeper than 50mm per layer).


Step 3 Tamp


When hole is filled, apply a small crown to repair area to allow for additional compaction. Now tamp, or wheel roll for the final time , and you may now open to traffic – immediately!! It’s that simple.


Packaging & Shipping


One container can load 1000 pieces of 20kg bags, 48 pieces of 20kg bucket or 20 ton bags.





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