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Product Overview


Product Description

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MOQ1 pcs is available , can ship from USA
CategoryComplete scooters
TypeUltra Pro Trick Scooters
BrandAlishan scooters, Beetholee Scooters, Rayland Scooters
Weight3.70 kg(6.15 lbs)
Welding TIG welding
FinishAnodizing or powder coating or neo chrome plating
Compression compatiblityHIC,SCS,ICS
Deck materialaircraft grade aluminum 6061-T6
Deck width110 mm (4.33 inch)
Deck length520 mm  (20.47 inch)
Fork materialaircraft grade aluminum 6061-T6
Fork processingone piece precision CNC machining
Clamp materialaircraft grade aluminum 6061-T6
Clamp processingone piece precision CNC machining
Bar materialChromoly Steel 4130
Bar width500 mm ( 19.69 inch)
Bar height590 mm (23.23 inch)
Bar back sweep0 °
Wheel materialhigh rebound poly urethane wheel with metal core
Wheel diameter110 mm ( 4.33 inch)
Wheel width24 mm (0.945 inch)
Wheel durometer88 A
Bearing ratingAbec-9
Headset compatibilityreinforce standard headset
Headtube angle82.5 °
BrakeStainless steel 304, flex brake
Loading weight100 kg Max.(220.50 lbs)
CertificateEN14619, CE, SGS 
Delivery time3-45 days
OEM & ODM serviceall available


Packaging & Shipping

 Small orders: neutral packaging ; big orders : as per the customers' requirement


 retail box: 1 piece, 670*120*570(mm;

carton:   4 pieces, 850*590*260(mm);


20 ft FCL: 800 piece

40 ft FCL: 1536 pieces;

40 ft HQ FCL: 2160 pieces 

 We can ship pro scooters and scooter parts to you  by air ,by sea from China.

And we can ship pro scooters and scooter parts  to you from USA, too . As we have a warehouse and an office in USA .


1,retail packaing

Packing Details Picture 2.JPG

2,Stock in the warehouse

Cartons Picture 3.JPG

3,loading and shipping

Loading the goods Picture 2.JPG


Our Services

1,We can reply to your  questions within 24 hours (Including holidays).


2. Our customer service personnel are not only fluent in English,

   And also have professional knowledge of pro scooters.


3. We have an office in USA and a warehouse in USA. 


4. 10 years of CNC machining experience; 

    5 years of pro scooters & scooter parts manufacturing experience;


5. OEM & ODM , any your customized lightings, we can help you 

  design and put into product ;


6. Design and improve your scooters as per your ideal or proposal


7. Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information


Company Information

 We have been enaged in precision CNC machining since 2000. And we started to produce scooter parts and pro scooters since 2009 .We have our own R&D team . Some engineers are from  Razor scooters & MGP scooters' supplier . And we have an office and a warehouse in USA.

 1.Rayland Factory Gate


Rayland Factory Gate.JPG

2,Rayland Workshop

Workshop.jpg3. Pro Scooters Production Flow Pictures

pro scooters production flow pictures.jpg

Pro Scooters Production Flow Pictures 2.jpg

Pro Scooters Production Flow Pictures 3.jpg


4. Pro Scooters and Scooter Parts Pictures

Product Picture 1.jpg

 Pro Scooters.jpg


5.Pro Scooters Inspection and test

 Pro Scooters Inspection and Test.jpg




6. The customer and we are reviewing pro scooter decks together

Tony and the customer are reviewing pro scooters.jpg

7. Stock and Loading ,Shipping Pro Scooters

Stock and Loading Pro Scooters.jpg

8. Our Team

Tony and his team.JPG



 Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Is there any warranty on the scooters ?

We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality pro scooters and scooter parts available at each price level. We strive to deliver a product that is free free of defects in material and workmanship. 

Our pro scooters & scooter parts are inspected & tested strictly at our factory.Also, our pro scooters & scooter parts are tested by professional riders abroad.

What is covered under warranty ?

---Snapping,bending, and cracking

--- Manufacturing defects


Scooter Decks

Scooter Decks come with a 6 month warranty


What's covered

---Snapping ,or Visible Cracking,Bending

---Function of the deck

---Manufacturing defects


Handle Bars

Handle Bars come with a 1 year warranty .


What's covered

---Breaking, visible cracking, and bending

---Manufacturing defect

Metal core Wheels

Wheels come with a 6 month warranty


What's covered 

---Dehubbing(PU coming detached from the core)

---Chunking(Occurs when a chunk of the PU becomes detached from the core)

---Manufacturing defect


Scooter Forks

Scooter Forks comes with a 12 month warranty

---Breaking or Bending (excep axles)

---Manufacturing defects



Scooter Clamps

Clamps come with a 6 month warranty


What's covered

---Braking, Visibla cracking, and bending

---Manufacturing defects


Scooter Brakes

Brakes come with a 6 month warranty


What's covered

--Breaking, Visible, Cracking

--Manufacturing defects

What's NOT covered 

--- Damage caused by imporper use and /or abuse

---Altering the structure (i.e., drilling holes)

---Scratches or grinding to the anodizing 

---Any modification

---Stripping and cross theading the threads;

---Scratches or grinding to the powder coating

---Stripping or cross threading of the integrated clamps


Q2 : Can you make our logos on the scooters ?

--- If your order qty is over 100 pcs , we can make your logos on the grip tape, laser etching           your logos on scooter fork & scooter bars , and so on .With regard to the package ,

    we advise that it is more economic to adapt the neutral packaging .


---If your order qty is less than 100 pcs , we advise that you could choose our current logos & 

   neutral package .It will add some extra cost to make your logos .


Q3: Can you do OEM pro scooters & scooter parts ?

-------- We can produce OEM pro scooters & scooter parts as per your drawings or samples .Our R&D team can help you complete these job. Our engineers are from Razor scooters & MGP scooters' Manufacturing factories. Our team has rich experience in pro scooters industry .


Q4: How do you ensure the customers design exclusive ?

---Firstly , we shall sign NDA with you before cooperation. 

---We guarantee that we wont upload your product to our website .

---We wont put your product in our sample room.

---We wont reveal your information about your drawings & designs.


 Q5:How do you ensure the quality ?

----- We perform inspection and test as per ISO 9001:2008

-----Each scooter fork , scooter bar ,scooter deck , scooter clamp, scooter wheel, scooter brake, 

     we shall test the strength before mass production at our factory . Also ,we shall ship complete scooter 

     samples to our customer for testing .

---OEM orders , we shall ship 1 pcs sample to our customer. The sample will be tested by professional riders.


Q6: How do you guarantee the welding ?

--- We use TIG welding . Our welding workers worked in bicycle factory before they came to our factory .

     Our welding workers are very silled in welding , with at least 5 years of welding .


Q7: How do you guarantee the deck not deformed ?

----- After T4, our QC will correct each deck by mold, then do T6 heat treatment .


 Q8:Do you know these Glossary of Scooter Terms ?


Do you know what " pegs" means ? "SCS compression " ?"integrated headset"?"Oversized "?TIG welding"?Pro Scooters are made of parts with names that not all of us understand. We try to explain the most commonly heard terms from the pro scooter industry below. If you still have questions , please do not hesitate to contact us before placing your orders . We will be glad to help you select the correct parts for your pro scooters.





The base of the scooter in which all parts attach to

 2Integrated Pro Scooter DecksIntegrated pro scooter decks have headset cups integrated in the headtube and have the same color and texture. This makes it easy to install the scooter headset without special tools. Integrated pro scooter decks are ONLY compatible with threadless scooter forks.
 3Deck Width The width of the pro scooter deck is important to feel comfortable riding your freestyle scooter.
 4Deck Length The length of the pro scooter deck is important for the stability of the freestyle scooter. 
 5Foot Space Foot Space is the space between the bottom of the neck and the scooter brake
Deck Concave  Concaved pro scooter decks provide more grip for the feet while riding your freestyle scooter and reduce the risk of slipping off. 
7Dropouts Dropouts is a term from the bicycle industry referring to the back part of the pro scooter deck where the rear axle holds the rear scooter wheel onto the deck.
8 Standard pro scooter decks Standard pro scooter decks are for standard/conventional threaded or threadless scooter headsets with headset cups pressed in the head tube using a headset press. The cups are easily recognizable as they will have a different color and texture then the head tube. Standard pro scooter decks are compatible with both threaded and threadless scooter forks.
9HeadtubeAttached to the base ,its purpose is to hold the headset bars and fork
10Headtube Angle The head tube angle determines how steep your bar will be on the pro scooter; the larger the head tube angle, the steeper the bar. A steeper bar makes the scooter feel more roomy because the bar is farther away from the rider. It also makes the scooter steering more direct. Most pro scooter decks have a head tube angle of around 82-83 degrees.
11Headtube Lenght The Head Tube Length is important because it determines the compatibility with scooter forks and compression systems.
 12HeadsetIs the set of components on a scooter that provides a rotatable interface between the fork and the head tube. 
13BarsChromoly tubes in various lengths and widths welded together to create a stylish control device used for steering, spinning 

and lifting the scooter.

14Oversized BarsCommon name for a bar with a 1 3/8” down tube, the cross bar is 7/8”
15Stanard BarsCommon name for a bar with a 1 1/4’ down tube, the cross bar is 7/8”.
16BacksweepIs the bending of the cross bar towards the pro scooter rider
17GussetA gusset is a reinforcement that is welded in the corner where the cross bar and the down tube of the pro scooter bar connect.
18 SlitThe slit allows a pro scooter clamp to “squeeze” the down tube around the top of the fork, for a solid connection.
 19 GripsGrips make holding your pro scooter bar more secure and comfortable. 
 20 Bar End PlugsBar End Plugs come with a set of scooter grips.  
21 Fork Component that is inserted into the headset and used to mount the bars and also the front wheel.
22Threaded Fork Referring to a type of fork or headset in which a large diameter nut threads on the top tube of fork compressing

 the headset components to enable proper rotation of the fork in the headset.

23 Threadless Fork 

Term referring to a type of fork or headset in which a compression system (ICS, HIC) is need to compress the headset 

components to enable proper rotation of the fork in the headset. 

24 Starnut A flanged spring steel nut that seats in the fork or bars allowing the connection of a compression system.
25 HICHidden Internal Compression. A shim that is slipped over the top of the fork, a bolt is inseted into the top of the shim,the bolt threads into the starnut contained inside the top tube of the fork, the bolt is tightened to compress the headset components allowing fork rotation.
26 ICSInverted Compression System. Uses a 200mm bolt insetered into the base of the fork tube, the bolt then threads into 

a starnut contained in the base of a standard diameter bar (1 ¼’) enabling proper rotation of the headset components.

27SCS Standard Compression System. A one piece bar clamp and compression system, an elongated clamp is slipped over the

 top tube of the fork, a top cap and bolt is then inserted into the top of the clamp, the bolt threads into the starnut contained

 inside the top tube of the fork, allowing fork rotation. 

28ClampAvailable in standard and oversize, used on the base of the bars after installing onto the fork the clamp uses bolts to pinch

 the bars and put pressure on the fork, allowing proper steering control.

29WheelA core surrounded by urethane, common sizes are 100mm and 110mm(Now there are 120mm, 125mm, too).
30Wheel Bearings 

Two bearings that are pressed into the wheels core, one on each side with a spacer in between, the spacer prevents the 

bearings from being pushed into the wheel core upsetting the proper alignment of the bearings and axle.

31 ABEC There are 6 classes from largest to smallest tolerances: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, the higher the number the greater the speed 


32 BrakeA foot controlled device bolted to the back of the deck used to control and stop the scooter.  
33 AxleMachined hardware used to install the rear wheel into the deck and the front wheel into the fork.
34PegsAttached to the fork and rear of the deck with longer axles, used to grind and stall on various objects.
35 Deck spacersInstalled on each side of the rear wheel, deck spacers are designed to center the rear wheel in the deck.
36Grip tapeAn abrasive material with an adhesive on the back designed to be installed on the top surface of the deck to give a rider 

maximum foot control. 

37CompleteFully built and fully assembled scooter 


Q9: Do you know these material terms & processing terms?



4130 is an alloy steel that is used to make most pro scooter bars and some scooter forks


6061 refers to an aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon, easy to machine and weld, and strong enough to be used on many pro scooter parts such as scooter decks, scooter forks scooter clamps and wheel hubs. 


7075 (7000 series) refers to an aluminum alloy with zinc that is stronger than any 6061 aluminum alloy.


Forging is pressing metal in a shape producing a piece that is stronger than an equivalent cast or machined pro scooter part.


Anodizing is a process that forms a protective coating of aluminum oxide on the surface of aluminum pro scooter parts.

6.Powder coating

Powder coating is applied as a dry powder that is "baked" on the metal scooter part in an oven. 


Painting is similar to powder coating. The main difference between paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent. Powder coating is used to create a hard finish on your pro scooter parts that is tougher than conventional paint.

8.TIG Welding

TIG welding is a specific type of welding. Without going in to much detail: TIG welds are commonly stronger and higher quality than competing welding processes.

9.T4 and T6 treated

A heat treatment is a method used to alter a material’s physical properties. In other words, by applying a heat treatment you can make a material stronger or weaker.Our scooter decks , aluminum scooter bars ,after welding , we do T4 heat treatment first , and then correct , and then do T6 heat treatment .


Q10:Scooter Wheels:100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 125mm , how should we choose ?

There are 4 different diameter scooter wheels : 100mm,110mm, 120mm, 125mm.Pro scooter riders tell us that larger scooter wheels are faster.Only a few pro scooters brands use 125 mm scooter wheels . For example , Crisp Scooters , VertX Scooters . Envy Scooters use 120mm scooter wheels . More pro scooters brands use 110mm wheels . If your current freestyle scooters use 100mm wheels  , you can choose 110mm wheels to replace the old 100 mm wheels . 120 mm & 125 mm scooter wheels  are not suitable for your current scooters .

So , you need make clear these details before you update your scooter wheels .

More questions , please contact us.


Q11:How do we order pro scooters & scooter parts ?

 When you read the above-mentioned information , you shall beleive that we are your reliable pro scooters & scooter parts manufacturer. Please Click contact us .We shall offer the best service .


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