DGOzone 2 gr ozone plate long life ceramic plate for ozone generator 2000 mg

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2g/h long life ceramic ozone plates for ozone generator

We are sure KH-CPL2000 blue ceramic plates are longer than normal green plates in lifespan. This is because long-life types are with 1400 centigrade sintered alloy electrode, while normal green plates are with a sintered tungsten electrode 600 centigrade. Meanwhile, longlife type has electrodes inside, but normal type has it on the surface.

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Model: KH-CPL1000
Ozone output: 1g/h

Model: KH-CPL2000
Ozone output: 2g/h

Model: KH-CPL3500
Ozone output: 3.5g/h

Model: KH-CPL5000
Ozone output: 5g/h

Ozone Generator

Industrial medical long life ceramic plate ozone generator for air purification

One unit including one 2g long life ceramic plate and one transformer

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Ceramic plates
L means long life ceramic plate
Input voltage
AC110~130V 50/60Hz
AC220~240V 50/60Hz
Output high voltage
3.0~3.5KV 16KHz
3.0~3.5KV 16KHz
3.0~3.5KV 16KHz
Ozone output
Cooling method
Air cooling for transformer and ceramic plate

Test conditions
1. Feed Gas: Dry air or oxygen source recommendated
2. Ambient temperature: ≤10℃, Humidity: <10% (Different temperature and humidity in the environment will affect the ozone output and concentration.)


It is used in household air purifier, air fresher, home air purifier, Dryer, dishwasher, shoe cabinet, household disinfectant cabinet, oxygen bar, dehumidifier, refrigerator, domestic appliance and so on.


1. High-voltage and high-frequency corona discharge, small size transformer, low consumption rate of electricity. 

2. Epoxy potting, Dampproof, Waterproof, Corrosion proof transformer. 

3. Easy to maintain and install.

4. Long-life ceramic plates are made through green production on 96% aluminum oxide ceramics, with silk-screen discharge resistance of tungsten and molybdenum and other agents, flattened and tin-treated on electrodes after co-firing to high temperature 1650 ℃.High temperature co-firing electrodes and circuits never fall off, and are with excellent moisture and oxidation resistance.

Attention must be paid to the following

1. Cooling method: Air cooling for transformer and ceramic plate. 

2. When ozone generators work, it is necessary to have cooling fans to blow the ceramic plates and ozone power supplies. When installing the power supply, please make sure there is 2-3cm high space between its bottom and the fixed board, so that heat on the bottom of the power supply can be radiated quickly. 

3. This is a high voltage product. Do not touch it when it is working. 

4. Usually after ozone sterilization, it needs 20-30 minutes to diffuse ozone before anyone enters. And only when the ozone concentration is or below 0.15ppm, it is permitted to enter. 

5. The ozone output test data is based on 95% pure oxygen feeding and dew point -45°. Different temperature and humidity in the environment will affect the ozone output and concentration. 

6. This item can work continuously for 20~30 minutes with air cooling. If it continues to work without any rest, the ozone output will decrease by degrees because ceramic plates are overheated.
7. When two high voltage wires are very close to each other, especially under moist circumstances or they touch, the wires will make a light and possibly lead that the insulation becomes discoloured even melts. The way to avoid this matter is to keep the two high voltage wires parallel or separate, at least untouched. 

8. Usually when ozone generator is used for test, it will be better if the interval time between two tests is one minute. It is because the output voltage and start-up electric current is very very high, if it is started up and closed down frequently within several minutes, power supply is possible to be burned due to instant or instantaneous high current. 

9. Deoxidized materials or objects should not be contacted with ozone for a long time in order not to cause damage or corrosion, such as rubber, iron, and copper and so on. The corrosion will accelerate when iron, copper pieces without coating are in the moist.

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