Same Versijack Adjustable Plastic Pedestals Raised Ceramic Tiles

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Product Overview


Alibaba SKA supplier
SGS test report and CE certificate
Distributors offer onsite service

13000 square meters factory
Over 50 professional engineers

Hot sell MB-SL self-leveling adjustable pedestal
Self-leveling adjustable pedestal, automatic adjust the slope, easily adjust the height by using a key on top of pedestal, no need to move the tile or deck, fast and convience.

Hot sell MB-T adjustable pedestal
MB-T adjustable pedestal with 1.3 tons high loading capacity, fit all kinds of installation situation, such as ceramic tile, stone tile, granite tile, wood decking, wpc decking etc.

Base slope corrector
Rotating the upper disc to compensate 0~5% slope. Assembled under the base of the MB-T adjustable pedestals
No smell base pad
No smell,heathy,eco-friendlyAnti-slip, absorb noise,protect water membrane.
Assemble under the base of pedestal
(suitable for pedestal base dia 200mm)
Flat base rubber pad
Anti-slip, absorb noise, protect water membrane. Assemble under the base of pedestal

Aluminum Rail System
Aluminum joist size: 50*25 mm, made of aluminum.
Click cradle: click fit the aluminum joist, no need screws.
Spacer tabs: fit with tiles laying on aluminum joist.
15mm/40mm Top Extension Pad
To add 15mm/40mm higher by stack onto pedestal top. Stackable (4 max)on pedestal top.
Safety connect rod
To connect pedestals for excess height installations (over 800mm) or for installations requiring additional stability. Size option: short connect rod 340mm-500mm length; long connect rod: 500mm-750mm length

10mm/14mm Stackable Rubber Pad
Stackable Rubber Pad , 10mm/14mm rubber pad with shim, made of recycled soft rubber, noise reduction and absorb movement.
Wall Side Clips/perimeter spacer
wallside buffer steel clip used for against the wall.
Side Closure Steel Clip
Use for vertical tile to close step side.
Clip suitable for 2cm thickness tile

Wind-proof Clips with Screw
Use for fixing the plane materiel to prevent the wind move away by insert clip into pre-cut paver tile
Wind-proof Washer with Screw
Use for fixing the plane materiel to prevent the wind move away by screw the washer on top of paver tile corner
Wood Deck Connector
To hold timber batten, composite battens, aluminum or steel support sections joist, wooden beam.40mm gap with cross way (suitable
for beam size 20-40mm);

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