TRANE MOD02687 Electric Expansion Valve X13650913060 KIT-SEHI-400 Original TRANE Air Conditioner Spare Parts

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Price:$1,255.00 - $1,328.00


Product Overview


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TRANE Electric Expansion Valve MOD02687



We provide spare parts for refrigeration compressor,such as Compressor oil level switch, float switch, oil heater, solenoid valve coil, solenoid valve, motor outlet cover, wiring board, PTC exhaust temperature sensor, gaskets, paper pads, repair kits, refrigeration oil, motor, valve plate, piston rod, energy regulation, nose fan, oil separator, valve plate assembly, crankshaft, connecting rod, main bushings, pistons, piston rings, valves, paper pads,guide vane motor,pressure sensor,display screen,water temperature sensor,seal bearing,motherboard,oil cooler,

thrust sensor,temperature control valve,stick tile, piston pin and so on.



Product range:

oil filters,suction filter,dry filter,oil and gas separation,refrigeration compressor spare parts and refrigeration oil.




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Replacement TRANE filter:

TRANE external oil filter ELM01405 (X09130075)

TRANE external oil filter ELM01042 (X09130069010,X09130072010)

TRANE built-in oil filter  FLR01353 (X09130070010)

TRANE external oil filter FLR01592 (X09150103)

TRANE oil filter FLR03434(X09130085010)

TRANE drier filter DHY01474

TRANE drier filter DHY00337

TRANE oil filter FLR00779

TRANE oil filter FLR01917

TRANE oil filter FLR03018

TRANE oil filter FLR03318

TRANE oil filter FLR00928

TRANE oil filter ELM00152



Main features:

1.Filtering and high precision
2.Service life is long
3.Excellent Packing 
4.Good Appearance 
5.Reliable quality and favorable price 




military quality,complete specifications,high cost performance,off-the-shelf,free Shipping in china.




Refrigeration compressor(piston machine,screw machine,centrifuge);

Refrigeration units ( central air conditioning;industrial refrigeration,low temperature cold storage);



For brand:


DAIKIN,Hitachi,Mitsubishi,Sanyo,EBARA,Yuan,Wuleng,Moon,BINGSHAN and so on.



Our Services:

1 Special Specifications can be customized.

2 Prompt delivery of the sample and bulk production.

3 Good quality control procedure and production line are set up.

4 Professional experience on the oil filter 



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