Cryogenic Storage Box for Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

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 Cryogenic storage box meets the requirements of laboratory safety and ISO 15189.

It avoids the cross contamination between specimen and specimen, specimen and outside as well as the blood preparation during refrigeration. It ensures the safety of specimen and personnel.

     According to sealing methods, products are divided into three types including Silicagel pad, Sticky foam pad and no pad with the tube cap on.

     For different clinical department, Testing items and date, we have prepared six different colors for each of the three kinds of box: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.

     According to the tube size, each of the three types can match with tubes of two specifications:

Φ13×75mm and Φ13×100mm.

     To avoid any inconvenience caused by unmoral label(like multi-layer label, turnup label or corrugated label) or non- standard bigger diameter tube, we also launch the storage box with special structure.

     Flexible open and close, box cover and box body can be separated to be used as test-tube rack.

     Locating slot specially designed will avoid the falling of stacking specimen boxes.

     Serial numbers from 1 to 100 are marked and realize the fast search and location for specimen.










Item No.DescriptionSpecification
YL081Cold storage box for specimen(sealed by Silicagel pad)100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*100mm)
YL081-1Cold storage box for specimen(sealed by Silicagel pad)100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*75mm)
YL081-2Cold storage box for specimen(sealed by  cap)100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*100mm)
YL081-3Cold storage box for specimen(sealed by  cap)100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*75mm)
YL081-4Cold storage box for specimen(sealed by foam pad )100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*100mm)
YL081-5Cold storage box for specimen(sealed by foam pad )100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*75mm)
YL081-6sealed by Silicagel pad(special requirement)100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*100mm)
YL081-7sealed by Silicagel pad(special requirement)100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*75mm)
YL081-8sealed by cap(special requirement)100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*100mm)
YL081-9sealed by cap(special requirement)100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*75mm)
YL081-10sealed by foam pad(special requirement)100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*100mm)
YL081-11sealed by foam pad(special requirement)100 holes(applicable for the tube Φ13*75mm)












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