Персонализированная белая картонная упаковочная коробка для тортов

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Product Overview


Personalized white cardboard paper packing box for cake 




 A.Show the Products inside directly .

 B. We have 6 designs in stock

 C. It also can be used as a gift box because of the beautiful design.

 D. MOQ is only 100pcs 



2.Specifications of Personalized white cardboard paper packing box for cake 



 A. Materials

food grade PET  and paper


B .Dimensions



3. More designs of Personalized white cardboard paper packing box for cake 



4. Package for Personalized white cardboard paper packing box for cake 


50pcs in a bag ,500pcs in an carton






6.Our Team




7. Questions and buyer guider:

1) Why do we use PET  for bakery package,not the other plastic materials( such as PP ,PVC)?


        Recycled material : PET can be recycled more than once.Plastic PET is a thermoplastic polymer resin from the polyester family. It is a polymer that is formed by combining modified ethylene glycol and purified terephthalic acid or dimethyl terephthalate. Although its name contains polyethylene, PET does not contain polyethylene.


       Food Safety : PET is a food-safe material, making it a convenient choice for packaging of food products. TUV approved for food and beverage contact• Low hazard (handling or inhaling)• Does not contain BPA• Does not contain heavy metals• Extremely low toxicity


       Variety of characteristics: Transparent color • Lightweight nature • Strength • Shatterproof qualities • Inherent barrier-like qualities 


2)MOQ for Personalized white cardboard paper packing box for cake 


Normal design: 50pcs

Customized design:10000pcs


3)How could you show your logo on the prodcts?

 A.Make a sticker

  If you just buy the products in a very small quantity ,you can make a sticker and then label it on the cake box as the below one.





 B.Make customized products for you.

 If your quantity is more than 10000pcs for each model ,we can make the customized products for you. 



4)Period of production:

  Usually 10 days for our design and 20-25 days for customized design.


5)Why do you choose us?

 We have very professional designers. More than 10 designers worked in our design departments. Our manager in design deparment worked in Japan more than 10 years. Every year we will supply more than 100 new designs. We don't copy the designs. What you find in our company is original designed by ourselves.


All the international sales in our company has been in the international trade business more than 8 years. We can supply very good service for you.


Our quality is very good. Both material and printing are at a high level.


8.Certification for Personalized white cardboard paper packing box for cake


    Both PET and white board paper are food grade.



9. Contact Information:

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