TEC2-19002 30*80 Multi stage thermoelectric cooling peltier cooler module device on sale

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TEC2-19002 30*80 Thermoelectric  peltier pv cooler module device on sale



Model No.Imax ATmax ℃Vmax VQmax WDimensions mm



1.Ceramic plate:96%Al2O3 white color

2.Thermolectric material: Bismuth Telluride

Reliability requirements

1. Service Life:

The service life of the product15000h under the prescriptive conditions of operation method, transportation and storage.

2. Test method: accelerated life test

Adjust the operating voltage to Max thermoelectric current, and keep the hot side on Max working temperature, the module under the maximum stress 500hours.The absolute value of change rate of the internal resistance should be no more than 5% after testing.

3. Storage life:

The product is preserved in dry, ventilated, non-corrosive-gas warehouse with-10-40 and no more than 80% relative humidity.

1,The multi-stage cooling module  only can be used to cooling, can ‘t countercurrent be used to heating. The red line connect with positive pole, and the black line connect with negative electrode. Ceramic plate with wire is hot side, please don’t misplace when install.

2,The tangent surface of cooling fin, cool-guide block and cooling module must be  elaborate processed. Must apply evenly with heat conduction silicone grease on tangent surface when install, try to reduce  the thermal resistance. Do not power on the module when the hot side without  cooling fin.

3,If the hot side of  the cooling module can ‘t heat dissipation very well, lead to the temperature of the hot side too high. This not only influence  the effect of cooling, but also may overburning the module. The max temperature of the hot side can ‘t over 90,the hot side temperature lower, the effect of cooling more better.

4,When install the cooling module into the mid  of cooling fin and cool-guide block, after make sure the module in the right place, give a micro force on the central position of the both up and down side to make sure the module not move when tighten the screws. When tighten the screws, if the pressure is uneven, may crush the module. According to the statistics, Improper installation result in the module broken occupy over 70%.Need add spring washer and plastic thermal sleeve when install the bolt.

5,Main performance parameters, the ΔTmax, Vmax, ImaxQcmax are under the standard limit value of SJ/T10135-10136-2010, supply for reference. practical application ,the voltage should be controlled in 60%~80% of the limit value. The average temperature of the module rise when the module power on, so the electricity will decline.

6,The  ripple factor of  direct-current main need under 10%.

7,Thermoelectric Cooling Module make up by ceramic plate and semiconductor materials, so the intensity of  the  module is low ,belong to  fragile goods, so need  handle with care and avoid bump against when in use, avoid the module be crushed and take its toll. 




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