ZISA New products G.fast modem with router

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Product Overview


                                                     ZISA G100 G.fast converter



Product Description


G100 will be used in a Fiber To The Distribution set-up in which it must be able to interface to the Distribution Point Unit in the Wide Area Network via the latest ITU-T standard of G.FAST.It can provide users with broadband Internet access capability, high quality voice & video services.


Applications Diagram

= Network online gaming

= High Internet access sharing

= High rate broadband sharing

= Small enterprises application

= Home networking application






System Spec






16MB Nor Flash

Feature and Technical Spec

External Connectors

=  1 x RJ11 interface for XDSL port

=  1 x RJ45 for Gigabit Ethernet LAN

=  1 x Reset button for factory default settings

=  1 x AC power plug

G.FAST Features

=  ·      ITU-T G.9700

=  ·      ITU-T G.9701

=  ·      Support G.fast with crosstalk cancellation (vectoring) in DS

=  ·      Support the full frequency band up to 106 MHz in G.fast

Protocol Features

=  RFC 2684 multiprotocol Encapsulation over ATM Adaptation Layer 5

=  RFC2364 PPP over ATM ALL5 (PPPoA)

=  RFC2516 PPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE)

=  RFC1577/2225 Classical IP and ARP over ATM (IPoA)

=  MER (a.k.a IP over Ethernet over AAL5)

=  Support ALG (Application Level Gateways)

=  ITU G.992.5 (ADSL2+)

=  ITU G.993.2(VDSL2)

=  ITU-T G.9700/ G.9701(G.fast)



=  IEEE 802.11n /11ac

Bridging Features

=  Self-learning bridge (IEEE 802.1D Transparent Bridging)

=  At least 64 learning MAC addresses

Routing Features

=  Support IP routing

=  Support transparent bridging

=  Support source and destination routing

=  Support DHCP server/client

=  Support UPnP

=  Support NAT,NAPT

=  Support DMZ

=  Support IP QoS


=  Device Configuration, Management and Update

=  Web based GUI

=  Command Line Interface via serial port, telnet

=  Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Internet Gateway Device (IGDv1.0)

=  WAN Management Protocol (TR-069)


=  Three-level login including local admin, local user, and remote technical support access

=  Service access control based on incoming interface: WAN or LAN

=  Service access control based on source IP addresses

=  Protect DOS attacks from WAN: SYN flooding, IP surfing, ping of Death, fragile, UDP ECHO (port 7), teardrop, land

=  PAP (RFC1334), CHAP (RFC1994), MSCHAP for PPP session

=  IP filter, Parental control

Company Profile

ZISA, Communication Never Stop!


ZISA Group success in past dozen of years can be directly linked to the fact that Company operates in a customer centric manner supplying innovative, cost-effective solutions of superior quality with 0 defects in the shortest possible time and professional service to global partners.

World-class, Software& hardware products and solutions for the ICT industry, founded in 2004 by a highly innovative team, ZISA Group designs, develops, tests and implements a diverse range of products, from concept to deployment. With over 500 R&D man-years of experience, ZISA is uniquely positioned to offer an array of world-class products and solutions to meet all hardware requirements of telecom service providers and telecom users, Enterprise ICT users and SMB Networking integrators.

ZISA combines expertise with experience to deliver state-of-art products and solutions spanning the wide spectrum of Fiber/Copper/wireless Telecommunications and SMB solutions. The diverse range of products manufactured by ZISA includes GPON, DSL, Enterprise Class Switch and WiFi, Cloud-Software, SMB/SOHO networking solution and also innovative solution such as Wind-Energy and Smart Devices. 

The Company also enjoys the stature of cooperating with global loyal partners to build Telecommunications/ ICT brand in countries of world.


Good Communication never stop!


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Package and Shipping

 Standard White Box




Zisa DSL Solution


G.fast Solution Zisa G100 for Home Network




ZISA product the quality of products.

As the top class  total solution provider and productive service provider, we provide high quality of service to Tier1 Telco customer and Vendors. With the genius design and software customization expertise, we can leverage the best service to our customers. ZISA Product quality is same as Huawei and ZTE, and ZISA has complete product line.

Flexible , Smart and selective producing system, the top manufacture in vertical career choose our team, with decade of global market and professional experience.


ZISA after-sales service.

ZISA has complete software and hardware research and development. Provide reqiurment development, bug modify and 24h on-line support. For significant customers, ZISA can send technician to support.

Ways of cooperation with ZISA.

ZISA welcome integrator or agent to agent ZISA product. If agent has enough advantages in the market, ZISA appoint you ZISA sole agent.

About factory visit.

ZISA welcome significant customers to visit ZISA factory. Please make an appointment in two weeks.

About product pricing.

ZISA only publish sample price. The price of different agent and OEM customer is secret. ZISA gives specific price for significant projects and customers. Besides, ZISA only provide goods to agent in agent area.


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