plastic pulley wheel for tower crane parts

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We supply nylon pulley for tower crane and other spare parts of tower crane and passenger hoist with good quality, competitive price, short deliverplastic pulley wheel for tower crane partsy and professional service. 

Here follows are some of the characater of our pulleys.

 1. High mechanical strength and is suitable for large machinery.
 2. Good wearability and self-lubrication. The wearability of MC nylon is 4-5 times better than steel or iron pulley.
 3. Can be applied in a wide temperature limit from -40 degree -100 degree.
 4. Can reduce vibration and work smoothly with no noise.
 5. It will not damage the couple material. If used for crane pulley and wire rope, the service life can be prolonged by 10 times.
 6. It has the self-extinguishing function and is safe
 7. It has good machining operations and high shape stability.

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r crane spare parts

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 fixing angle, l46a1, l68a1, l68b1, l68b2, tower crane fixing angle, 2m fixing angle, 1.6m fixing angle.

1. Various types of spare parts for tower crane and construction hoist. We cooperate with

 SYM, SCM, Yongmao, GJJ, Baoba, etc.

2. 100% original parts, 1 year of quality guarrantee, free replacement if found quality problem.

3. 22 years experience's supplier specialize in tower crane parts, professional engineers team at your request in 24 hours.

4. Bulk parts storage shorten delivery time.

5.Special discount for you, as we have stable parts supplier for years.

  tower crane spare parts, slewing block, rtc slewing block, rcv mechanism block

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