High Frequency Vacuum Solid Wood Drying Tube Machine SAGA 4.5m3

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Product Overview


High Frequency Vacuum Solid Wood Drying Tube Machine SAGA 4.5m3      

Description HF Dryer                                                            




High Frequency Vacuum Drying Machine is a relatively small and fast timber drying equipment. It adopts HF electric field as heating source, uniformly radiate to timber, directly heat moisture, speed up moisture removing by vacuum water absorption function, which is extremely suitable for solid wood and all kinds of timber processing factory. 

Benefit you can count on: 
*Vacuum Drying -- 60°C starting to vaporize, which can reduce wood cracking and deformation while achieving low temperature drying 
* Warp deformation Recovering --- Wood clamped by hydraulic system before drying, warping deformation to be recovered when soften , making outturn greatly improving and make easy palletizing
* Quick heating --- No need heat conduction, inside and outside of wood timber are heated at the same time
* Fast dehydration--- During the heating process, stepped temperature difference between inside and outside of wood can speed up the water movement from inside wood to outside wood
* High quality--- Avoid outside & inside cracking and color change, by taking control of heating speed, relative vacuum degree and condensing rate. 
* Good adaptability---It can achieve both low temperature and high temperature drying, also can eliminate stress, solidify resin and apply to dry almost all kinds of wood
* Full-automatic & Easy operation --- Automatic feeding and discharging device, drying proceeding under unattended mode
* Cost saving --- Low dry shrinkage and material saving 
* Sterilization function & Eco-friendly

SAGA Model List                                                           


ModelTimber Stack SizeCapacityPower




HF Vacuum wood drying Basic Diameter                                                    

High Frequency Vacuum Solid Wood Drying Tube Machine SAGA 4.5m3   
High frequency generator size1000x1000x1900mm
Drying tank size5700x2150x2200mm
Cooling tank size 1500x1150x2000mm
Gross weight 7.3 ton
Inside diameter1700mm
Tank thickness12mm
Effective drying size 1000x1000x4500mm
HF input power40kva
HF output power30kw
Temperature monitorFiber optic temperature sensor,not disturbed by HF
Moisture monitorWeighting system(SAGA patent technology),most accurate,not disturbed by HF
Cooling systemStainless steel condenser with stainless steel water-ring vacuum pump
Control systemFully automatic with PLC touch screen
Hydraulic cylinder4 ton with 2 pcs cylinder
Vacuum pump Stainless steel 7.5kw
Feeding wayAutomatic
Door of tankEars door,more safe and powerful
Weighting systemUnder the tank,can weight the wood every time


High frequency kiln Main Pictures                                                    




HF Vacuum Wood Drying Kiln Features                                             

  • Fast drying cycle
  • Automatic feeder
  • Large capacity
  • PLC automated systems with touch screen control panel
  • Uniform heating
  • No sparking or bending problem
  • Veneer, panels, hardwood
  • Weighing testing technology
  • Fiber optic temperature testing



SAGA Certifications                                                    


 Wood Drying Cases                                                           

Wood Species Start MoistureEnd HumidityDrying Time(Hour)
Extremely Hard Wood
Mahogany valued wood Density>1.015%10%80
Medium Hard Wood
Beech/Oak/Ash/Teak,etc Density>0.620%8%70
Pine Density<0.515%8%20
Above is just a common comparing chart for your reference,but there are so many wood types world wide,you can compare with the density of your wood type and get a approximately calculation,but for some special wood like Teak-contains oil or other special wood,may need different drying time.Thickness changes also affect drying time.Sp this information much rely on real condition



Drying Live-action                                                                


  • Veneer Drying(lathing cut or sliced) 

Veneer drying.jpg



  • Wood Floor Board Drying

Floor board drying.jpg

  • Hardwood Drying

Hardwood Drying.jpg

  • Thicker Wood Drying

thickner wood drying.jpg

Drying Result Comparison                                                     

drying result compare.jpg


SAGA Dryer  Three No.1  Proprietary Technology                   


Packing and Transportation                                                 



Spare Parts                                                           



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