Huazheng Electric oil flashpoint lab test equipment pensky-martens closed cup flash point meter automatic flash point apparatus

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oil flashpoint lab test equipment pensky-martens closed cup flash point meter automatic flash point apparatus



1. Safety Instructions

Be sure to use a grounded outlet for the instrument’s power supply.

No touching the Oil Cups and its nearby parts during test, in case of scald.

There must be someone on duty during the test. Cover oil cup lid in time if the sample is burning after the test is completed.

No touch the oil lid because of high heat

Do not touch the ignition rod by hands; otherwise it will cause permanent damage to the instrument!

2. Function Overview

Flash Point is the lowest temperature at which a liquid can form an ignitable mixture in air near the surface of the liquid. The lower the flash point, the easier it is to ignite the material. Nowadays, Flash point is used to say non-volatile or flammable substances whether exit highly volatile or flammable substances, and has been one of the most important parameters for petroleum products transportation, storage, operations, safety management…

Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester is designed and made as per the National Standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T261-2008;GB/T21615-2008;European standard;ASTM-D93, it is an advanced analytical instrument, mainly used to determine the closed flash point of petroleum products. 

3. Instrument Features

With touch screen to replace the keyboard operation, is used to measure the flash point value of petroleum products. Using advanced technology abroad, LCD screen full English display man-machine dialogue interface, full screen touch keys, convenient and fast, open beam, fuzzy control integrated software, modular structure.

Standard modular design, one main engine can control the number of open or closed test furnaces, be freely exchanged between the test furnace, According to user needs, greatly improving the efficiency and economic benefits.

High-speed signal processor controlled, high-precision analog / digital converter circuit, the instrument is reliable and high precision.


Automatic measurement of atmospheric pressure and automatic correction.

Adaptive PID control algorithm to automatically adjust the temperature according to standard curve.

The whole experiment process is completed automatically, including detection, opening the cover, ignition, alarm, cooling and printing.

Automatically stop detection and alarm when the temperature is out of range.

Thermal micro-printer, making printing more efficient and more beautiful, with off-line printing;

History records with time stamp, up to 256

Large screen with 320x240 graphical LCD display, showing a rich, full character display.

touch screen operation, friendly interface; The screen saver function, extend the life of the LCD;

Interface, RS232 interface for printer or downloads on PC

4. Technical Parameters

1. Temperature Measurement

Ø Temperature measuring range: -59.9°C~299.9°C

Ø Temperature Control Range: Room temperature~300°C

Ø Repeatability: 0.025X(x=twice successive test average value)

Ø Resolution: 0.1°C

Ø Precision: 0.5%

Ø Temperature Sensor: Platinum Resistor(PT100)

Ø Flash Fire Sensor: Ion detection ring

2. Ambient Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C

3. Relative Humidity: 85% RH

4. Power Supply: AC220V ± 20% ; 50HZ ± 10%

5. Power Consumption: approx 400W

6. Overall Dimension: 440X280X290(mm)

7. Instrument Weight: 14kg



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flash point apparatus


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From the date of purchase within one year instrument, is a product quality problem free repair replacement, lifetime supply of maintenance and technical services. The instrument has found anomalies or malfunctions please contact us to arrange the most convenient treatment options.

flash point apparatus

flash point apparatus 

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flash point apparatus 

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