High quality compactly designed fly fishing landing net

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Product Overview


Company Introduction

DAIICHISEIKO01.jpgPVC coating fishing landing net

Colorblackfoliage Greendark earthblackfoliage Greendark earth
SizeFrame Length:40cm / Frame Width:30cmFrame Length:30cm / Frame Width:25cm
Net depth:20cm
MaterialGFRP (glass fiber 55% reinforced plastic)
NetSoft PVC coating net provided
Ideal for saltwater light games. Pulling out horse mackerel and rockfish and catch them in the air.
The short gun grip is compactly designed and can be instantly gripped.
Worn on a belt, for example, with a hanger and trigger.
Unlocked by just grabbing the product, thus making it possible to go into catch-in-the-air style.

PVC coating fishing landing net
Product Description




DAIICHISEIKO is a manufacture of original fishing gadgets in Osaka, Japan.
Located in Higashinari-ku, the east side of Osaka city, well known as one of the industrial areas of Japan.

We manufacture and sell fishing gear with the motto, “Better and More Reliable Fishing Items.”
What do you first imagine with the words, “fishing gear”?
Maybe you imagine fishing rods, reels, lines, hooks, bait, or lures.
In fact, we do not manufacture any of them.
Then, you may wonder the kind of fishing gear we manufacture.
We manufacture smart fishing items that are not indispensable, but anglers will have some difficulty without them.

We have been making hit products in line with the times. These products include:
The Lark Series, which has now become the standard lineup of rod holders for boat fishing in Japan;



The Suikomi Bucket, which makes it possible to put chum bait into chum baskets semi-automatically;

The Auto King Gaff, which can safely and compactly carry landing gaffs for Eging (wooden lure squid fishing);


The Kousoku Recycler, which makes it easy to wind up lines to reels or rewind the reels;


The Knot Assist 2.0, a knot-forming tool essential to marine lure fishing.

Anglers can go fishing without these products. However, any of these

products will dramatically surely make their fishing convenient and fun.

We will do our utmost to help in the inheritance, expansion, and development of fishing culture by continuously offering items that are friendly and easy to use for beginners as well as devoted anglers.





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