Micro Brewery Beer Maker Machine for Sale Canada 2 / 3 / 4 Vessels

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Product Overview


Micro Brewery Beer Maker Machine for Sale


Product Description


1. 500L Mashing System

NDL Craft manufactures custom, high-efficiency brewing systems tailored to your unique brewing needs and production space. We offer steam-powered, electric, and direct fire brewhouses in 2, 3, 4, and 5-vessel configurations. NDL Craft brewhouses integrate advanced design and manufacturing techniques to maximize energy efficiency and water conservation. All brewhouses include pipings, fittings, and a centralized automated control system to easily and accurately monitor and manage your current batch. With every brewhouse project we take on, our team of technical experts take into account your facility, target production volume, and process flow to ensure your new brewing system is a perfect fit for your team.



Different Brewhouse Types for Option:


A typical two-vessel

Combination Mash Lauter Tuns are the first combination vessel in these smaller brewhouses line ups. This vessel should be sized to favor the Lauter operation, and have the mechanics for mixing mash and graining out. Next inline is the combination of the Kettle and Whirlpool tanks. This combination vessel is designed and sized for being primarily a kettle, but is equipped with a tangential fitting for whirlpooling.

500L Brewery Beer Brewing


A three-vessel brewhouse is hybrid system that incorporates at least one combination vessel and two dedicated process vessels. For example, a medium sized brewery with a focus on heavily hopped beers might choose to go with a combination Mash Lauter Tun, a dedicated Kettle, and a dedicated Whirlpool. Whereas, someone focusing on lagers or feeding a distilling operation might go with a dedicated Mash Tun, dedicated Lauter Tun, and a combination Kettle/Whirlpool. Three-vessel systems don’t have the same output and versatility as four-vessel systems, but they will still out perform a two-vessel system and provide increased efficiency.

500L micro beer brewing


A typical four-vessel brewhouse will include a Mash tun, Lauter Tun, Kettle and Whirlpool. Each of these tanks is dedicated to performing a single process, and is designed differently than similar vessel used for performing multiple processes.


Four-vessel systems offer the highest throughput and the most versatility. With proper vessel sizing, well laid out hard piping, and well-designed controls these brewhouses can be extremely large and only require one person to operate it. The ability to make more beer with less labor input, paired with gains in efficiency and quality control make the four-vessel brewhouse a worth while investment for breweries that intend to produce a lot of beer.

500L 4 Vessels.jpg

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2. 500L Fermentation System

Fermentation tanks are where the magic happens. It’s important to have a precisely built vessel to condition your beer as it ferments. NDL Craft offers fermentation tanks with ultra-precise welding and polishing, complete traceability, and material exactness to meet all international safety standards. From small, pub-size fermenters to towering outdoor tanks, we have the manufacturing capability and expertise to custom-build fermentation tanks of all sizes.

1). A serials of the fermetation tanks

Fermentation tank series

Volume in US Gallon



100l Fermentation tank

26US Gallon



200l Fermentation Tank

53US Gallon



300l Fermentation Tank

79US Gallon



500l Fermentation Tank

132US Gallon



1000l Fermentation Tank

264US Gallon



2000l Fermentation Tank

264US Gallon



3000l Fermentation Tank

528US Gallon



5000l Fermentation Tank

1321US Gallon



10000 Fermentation Tank

2642US Gallon



2). Details of 500L Fermentation Tanks:


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3. Production Process

production process.jpg

4. Processing Equipment

Processing Equipment.jpg

5. Auxiliary Equipment

Brewery Equipment.jpg

Company Information

NDL Craft workshop.jpg

NDL Craft, founded in 2011, is a brewing equipment manufacturer and brewing technology engineering company that provides many kinds of customized tanks and turnkey projects throughout the world. The company attaches great importance to the research and development of core technology. On the basis of maintaining the manufacturing cost of China, the company can design according to CE PED standards and ASME design codes, and institutes production and quality control methods according to both European and American quality standards.



We have established an ERP management system and have passed quality audits for internationally recognized certifications.

ndl craft certification
ISO 9001: Certification for the Quality Management System

ISO 14001: Certification for the Environmental Management System

ISO 18001: Certification for the Occupational Healthland Safety Management System

CE: Certification of Compliance

PED(TUV): Certification of Compliance, Certification of Conformity

SGS: Gold Plus Supplier Assessment Certificate


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Packaging & Delivery

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