ISO 4064 Class B smart water meter NB-IOT / LORA / RS485 / MBUS / GPRS / GSM / lorawan ultrasonic water flow meter

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Product Description

 Tip: There are many types of water meters, and the communication methods are different. If you have any questions, please email us or contact our online customer service directly.
R160 / R250; T30; MAP16; Δp40; U10, D5; Class B; E1; Communication: MBUS / LORA / NB-IOT (different prices for different communications, default mbus)

Ultrasonic smart water meter


   Smart ultrasonic water meter is developed based on the principle of ultrasonic transit-time measurement technology. In other words, by using a state-of-the-art signal processing to determine the travel time difference between the ultrasonic waves, which results in highly accurate velocity measurement. The instrument integrates measurement, calculation and display. It uses micro-power technology. A battery can be used for more than eight years and we use ER26500 default,if you have special requirement we can change it to ER34615. It can measure the minimum flow rate of 0.01 m³/h very accurately and according to the international standard OIML R49/MID. At the same time, the instrument has the characteristics of small size, high stability and strong anti-interference ability.
    Ultrasound flow measurement technology is used to achieve multi-angle installation that doesn’t affect the meter accuracy, nor the system pressure loss.
    Remote reading meter, low power consumption, small pressure loss, high precision, simultaneous measurement and display of flow rate, velocity, temperature, working time and other data information, automatic fault detection alarm, M-BUS/RS485/4-20mA/NB-IoT /LORA/GPRS and other remote transmission methods.
    with Lora communication mode can be connected to a concentrator. the Wireless data collector produced by our company use GSM mobile or Ethernet network for data transmission to form a wireless monitoring system. When the pipeline network runs abnormally, it can actively report the abnormal information of all the devices connected to the network.
    Ultrasonic water meter is a credible instrument for trade settlement.
    Mainly used for household measurement of residential quarters.

1. Measurement is stable, accurate, horizontal installation, vertical installation, can ensure accurate measurement.
2. The ultrasonic water meter head can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally or 90 degrees vertically. The reading is convenient.
3. It can be installed horizontally or vertically. The factory default installation is in the inlet pipe (if it needs to be installed in the return pipe, please explain in advance) .
4. Optional RS485 bus and M-Bus bus output interface. Realize data remote transmission,centralized control
5. Under voltage alarm.
6. Automatic data error correction technology.
7. Can install GPRS, data timing GPRS upload function, suitable for a variety of installation environments.
8. Flow sensor fault alarm.
9. High definition wide temperature LCD display.
10. With photoelectric interface, infrared meter reading tool can realize on-site meter reading.
11. Remote monitoring: remote meter reading.
12. Convenient installation: stable and accurate measurement, horizontal installation and vertical installation (required for vertical installation) .
13. Long service life: large-capacity battery power supply, low-power circuit design, service life greater than 6 years.
14. High protection level: IP68 high protection level design, can work in harsh environments.
15. A variety of interfaces, protocol output: MBUS / 485 interface, GPRS remote transmission, etc., convenient for users to use in different occasions.


Implementation standard of this product
ISO4064: 2014/OIML: R49-2013

GB/T778.1-2018: Measurement of Water Flow in Closed Full Pipelines, Cold Water Meters forDrinking and Hot Water Meters Part 1: Specifications

GB/T778.2-2018: Measurement of Water Flow in Closed Full Pipelines, Test Methods andEquipment for Drinking Cold Water Meters and Hot Water Meters Part 2.

Ex-factory verification is based on the National Metrological Verification Regulation of the People's Republic of China "JJG 162-2009 Verification Regulation of Cold-Water Meters" standard.


Technology parameters



Communication mode information:

Wired communication :M-BUS -RS485 -Protocol: EN1434, Modbus, CJ188.
Wireless communication :Lora: 470MHz,868MHz,915MHz -LoraWan: 470MHz,868MHz,915MHz -GPRS/GSM: Local mobile operators' support is required/needed.
NB-IoT: Local mobile operators' support is required/needed.

Meter detail



Product Components:

Ultrasonic pipeline:The meter’s body (pipe) structure has no mechanical moving parts and no wear/tear. Which makes it maintenance free. It is resistant to any disturbance of ripple flow, which make the measurement highly accurate. The structure of the pipe is simply built to overcome the high pressure loss and eliminates any leakage.


Transducer:Adopting High-performance piezoelectric devices, makes the metervery stable and highly accurate. The reflector material is stainless steel which prevents all sediments wear resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance... etc.



Receive signals from flow sensors and temperature sensors for flow calculation, storage, display systems, data transmission, etc.

Remote reading the meter data from

Remote reading the meter data from

Smart ultrasonic water meter can relate to GSM wireless data collector produced by our company and use GSM mobile public network for data transmission to form a wireless monitoring system. When the pipeline network runs abnormally, it can actively report the abnormal information of the pipeline network. It is easy to manage and save on operating costs..

Water meter installation diagram

Application of water meter


Company Information

    Shanghai Mingwan Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd.Company Profile:Shanghai Mingwan Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in 2010. Mingwan Instrument is a manufacturer of water and heat meters with a history of 10 years.

    Mingwan is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and technical service of intelligent instrument technology. The product range includes: ultrasonic heat meters, mechanical heat meters, ultrasonic water meters, volume water meters, single jet and multi-jet mechanical or magnetic drive water meters, lora water meters, NB-IOT water meters, and other flow meters, electronic modules, and charge management system solutions Solution and system integration. All instruments are direct reading or remote transmission: pulse output, M-BUS, RS485, GPRS, LoRa, LoRawan, NB-IOT remote transmission.

    The company has three standard SMT production lines, 10 heat meter test benches, 10 water meter test benches, 30 related testing equipment, and an annual production capacity of 1.5 million sets. The annual testing and measurement work complies with the strict national regulations. The company is currently a large-scale, multi-variety, and fully-equipped manufacturing enterprise in China. It is an ISO9001: 2008, ISO 4064 quality system certification enterprise.

    We have the right to import and export independently. After more than ten years of product export and research and development, we have now become the designated manufacturers for OEM processing in Europe and the United States. Through cooperation and the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the quality of our products is reliable and we continue to meet the domestic market demand At the same time, 500,000 water meters and 400,000 heat meters are sold to more than 40 countries, including Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Russia, and are favored by customers.

    We have ten years of design and development experience. We have a team of professional engineers and advanced technology, and efficient after-sales service. We are willing to provide OEM and ODM products and solutions for all partners. We use flexible and responsive mechanisms to improve our communication efficiency.We look forward to contacting and cooperating with people from all walks of life, striving to meet your special requirements and providing you with quality products and services.




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Our Services

1.We can do the designs according to customer’s requirements.

We can open their own molds according to customers requirements.
2.Small order is welcome, the MOQ is 1 pc.
3.Sampling inspection for each order.
4.Safe packing.
One by one test for the sample order.
5.100% factory direct sale
6.Prompt delivery.
We can offer you a good after-sell service.
7.Support OEM according to your requirements;
8.We are looking forward to contacting and cooperation with all circles,and try our best to meet your special requirements, and supply you with our excellent quality products and services.



Q:Why choose you ?
A:We have professional team of workers,service and testing equipments,and we have our own factory, so our price is reasonable.
Q:Do you offer customized packing?
A:Yes!All of our products can be packed as your requirement.
Q:Could you print our company logo on the nameplate and package?
A:Yes,we can.
Q: If products have some quality problem, how would you deal with?
A: We will responsible for all the quality problems.
Q: Can I get samples from your factory?
A: Yes, Samples can be provided.
Q. what is your payment term?
A: T/T 30% down payment, balance to be paid before shipment. or L/C.

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