Radiator Leak Testing Machine Equipment for Radiators

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Product Overview


Radiator Leak Testing Machine Equipment for Radiators 800*800mm

Product Application

 The radiator leak testing machine  is used to test the radiator through the differantial air pressure. The aluminum radiator max size is 800*800*48mm. Each time 2 cores are alternatively tested. The The radiator leak testing machine  charges nitrogen or compressed air at a required pressure and carry out the pressure maintaining test to check whether the radiator has leaks. radiator leak testing machine/radiator leak test equipment/radiator leak tester radiator leak testing machine/radiator leak test equipment/radiator leak tester The radiator leak testing machine is also called as airtight leak tester, or radiator leak tester. 

Main Features 

a)Testing position: 2 positions (alternative way); 
b)Direct pressure method for major leaks and differential pressure test for minor leaks; 
c)Test pressure: 0.4MPa(4kg/cm2)
d)Test range: 50~400Kpa (stepless adjustment) 
e)Direct pressure test definition: 1KPa
f)Differential test definition: 1Pa
g)The detector has self-detection function. 
h)Human-machine interface allowing real time detection and diagnosis; 
i)Audial and visual alarm for the testing result (qualified and unqualified); 
j)32-digit single-stand control allowing manual or automatic operation; 
k)Liquid display screen displaying the testing process and test result searchable. 
l)Real-time qualification rate and qualified/unqualified radiator count.

radiator leak testing machine/radiator leak test equipment/radiator leak tester radiator leak testing machine/radiator leak test equipment/radiator leak tester

Supply Scope of Airtight Radiator Leak Testing Machine 
Pneumatic valve
SMC, Japan
Direct pressure sensor
Micor pressure sensor
Pipe joint
Power supply
1 set
Meanwell, Taiwan
Liquid screen
1 piece
Qingyun Hi-tech
Pressure regulator
1 piece
SMC, Japan
Pressure gauge
1 piece
SMC, Japan
1 piece
PHLIPS, Netherlands
Signal converter
1 piece
Data memorizer
1 piece

Configuration of Radiator leak testing machine 
Leak tester
1 set
Imported differential pressure transmitter

High accuracy pressure transmitter

Imported high accuracy pneumatic reduction valve and oil mister

Imported filtration reduction valve

Factory-make valve seat

Delta touch screen (or other quality brand)

Imported manual ball valve self-developed pneumatic valve
Working table
1 set
Including visual and audible lamp, wave filter, fuse, rotary switch, etc.
Electrical control system
1 set
Double-start button 4 pieces, stop button 2 pieces, illumination light, 2 pieces; rotary switch, 1 piece; power supply filter, 1 piece; indication light, and buzzer
2-branch extension device
1 set
Collective valve seat

self-developed pneumatic valve
Air charging plug
Factory make
2 sets
2 sets of pneumatic air charging plugs, 2 sets of pneumatic choke plug, 2 sets of radiator cap plugs
Air pipe accessories
1 set
Pipes, fittings, reduction valve, filters

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1. What is the power supply of the heat exchanger making machines?
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2. What information should the customer provide to get an accurate quotation from us?
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3. What is the payment term?
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4. What is the delivery time?
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