High Efficiency Mini Toroidal Transformer 500VA transformer

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Product Overview


 High Efficiency  Mini Toroidal Transformer 500VA transformer

Article Description

Tianyi toroidal transformers, manufactured and tested in compliance with EN61558. Designed and prepared for II class equipment. Suited for power supply circuitry of electric machines and electronics devices with low nonload losses and weight.We possessed the most mordern machines, which guarantees the tightly wound coil and high electrical performance.

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1. Features

-Conform to EN61558-1, EN61558-2-6, UL1446

-Extremly low stray-magnetic-field

-Efficient reduction of costs and energy

-Temperature rise is below 60°

-Temperature fuse (130°) integrated in primary winding 

2. Technical Parameters

Power Size                              30W
Primary Voltage                       Customized
Secondary Voltage                   2 Outputs
Working Frequency                  50/60 Hz
Thermal Switch                        130° (Automatically Reset)
Insulation Class                        B Class (130°)
Pri-Sec Isolation                       4KV
Max Temperature                     60°

3. Standard Size

Rated PowerEfficiencyNo-load LossDiameterHeightWeight


Note: The standard input is dual 110V ac windings, parallel connected for 110V ac, or series for 220V ac. As for larger power size, do not hesitate to request the details from us.

4. Custom Design

Do not see what you're looking from our standard catalog, just send inquiry to assist you in designing a custom toroidal transformer for your project. Refer to the following information to get started.

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(1) Insulation System - Our standard is Ul approved class B (130°). Options include UL class A (105°), class F (155°), class H (180°), or to suit.

(2) Temperature Rise - Typically we design for 60° rise, but can be application dependant. This yields the size and regulation specs listed in the standard line.

(3) Input Sides - As these are application specific, we have several traditional input configurations for both 50Hz and 60Hz, which are described in our standard line. Optionally, we can design for 10 - 400Hz using goss cores, and will select appropriate materials, as higher F is needed.

(4) Power Size - No factory limits are implied, but typically we can design and manufacture single-phase toroids up to 10000VA.

(5) Duty Cycle - Significant reductions in transformer size and weight may be realized in most cases where the transformer is loaded intermittently. Duty cycle is an important design consideration.


Operating Process

Once the specification and quote are approved, sampling will be immediately operated. Prototypes are prepared by our sample department, under engineering supervision, subject to production's standard process control and inspection. After extensive testing for conformity to specifications and safety agency requirements, the design is reviewed, and usually the samples are shipped within one week.


1. Materials Purchasing

We select materials that are listed by the applicable safety agencies. All incoming material is inspected. Complete vendor histories are maintained by the quality assurance department for analysis of supplier performance. 

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2. Manufacturing procedure

(1) Core from 0.23mm thick silicon steel Japanese materials 23Q115 edges are ground smooth

(2) Core protection from 4 layers polyester films (2 layers with 50% overlap)

(3) Primary winding wire ( polyesterimid enameled QZY 180) and temperature class 180°

(4) Primary leads from type UL1672 double insulation for 600V voltage and 105° temperature

(5) Primary to secondary insulation from 6 layers polyester films (3 layers with 50% overlap)

(6) Secondary winding wire ( polyesterimid enameled QZY 180) and temperature class 180°

(7) Secondary leads from type UL1015 for 600V voltage and 105° temperature

(8) Final insulation from 2 layers polyester films (1 layers with 50% overlap) 

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3. Test Capabilities

All transformers are 100% tested through electrical test equipment by trained test technicians, including turns counters, oscilloscopes and dielectric strength (hi-pot) testers, and fully automated test stations.

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4. Quality Assurance

Our focus is continual quality improvement. All shipments are final checked and signed-off by QA inspectors. These final checks include: visual and dimensional requirements, electrical test result review, as well as contract fulfillment. 

Industries Servied


We have been offering standard and custom made transformers for most industrial application for over twenty five years. A few of our important magnetics include industrial control transformers, isolating safety transformers, high current inductors, and power inductors.


We specialize in power solutions for the medical industry where reliability and performance are rather critical. The most important of magnetic transformers for medical application is toroidal medical power transformer, we design and manufacture it specifically to ensure low stray field and low leakage current levels.


Tianyi has been involved in the design and manufacturing of transformers in almost every facet of the green energy field including solar energy, biological energy, wind energy, water energy and geothermal power. The major magnetic components we supply for green energy market consist of isolation transformers, drive inductors, emi filters, line reactors, DC to AC conversion and etc.


Tiayi develops, designs, supplies reliable magnetic transformers for telecommunications market. The magnetic components we provide to telecommunications application include power chokes, filter chokes, common mode chokes, isolation transformers.


Tianyi has been trusted to supply reliable magnetic transformers for the rail market where safety and efficiency need to be ensured. We have gained long term experience and can manufacture a wide range of magnetic components for railway and train applications. These include toroidal transformers, current transformers, high frequency transformers, power rail transformers, line filter chokes, emc filters, high frequency chokes and etc.


We are a qualified transformer supplier to military industry. Our professional engineers have been considering the best suitable materials and manufacturing methods for optimum cost, weight, size and reliability. Designed magenetics including amorphous core transformers, 400Hz transformers, power chokes and etc.

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Company Profile

Established in 1992, Tianyi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturer to standard and custom transformer. We offer a full line of RoHS compliant product line, transformers, inductors, coils & chokes, and magnetic cores for a wide of range of industries. We have a experienced and qualified team of engineers and enterprise managers, and imported state-of-the-art transformer producing and testing facilities from Japan. Now we have been approved by T19001-2016, ISO9001:2015, UL1446, CE, JET etc international certificate.

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1. Key Figures:

Date of EstablishmentRegistered CapitalEmployeesFactory Floor SpaceSales Volume (2017)
1992 Year6,000,000CNY120 Persons120000sq.ft50,000,000CNY


2. Enterprise Certificate



3. Patent Certificate

Through entire scientifice research personnel of company's unremitting efforts, Our products have obtained nearly twenty kinds of patents!


4. Company History

1992: Mianyang high-district tianyi electronics technology, Ltd. was created

2001: The company was approved by ISO9001:2000 management system

2002: All types of transformers were certificated by CQC

2008: Transformer was approved by CE, and exported to Europe market

2012: Transformer was approved by UL, and exported to USA market

2013: The comapny considered to build 120000 sq.ft new factory

2014: Transformer was approved by JET, and exported to Japan

2015: New factory was compeleted, and registered by the name of “Sichuan Shenkaili Electrical Equipment, Ltd.”

2017: The company was approved by ISO9001:2015 management system

Overseas Marketing

5 Overseas Marketing

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1. Can you manufacture transformers with RoHS compliant?

Yes. Our materials used in transformers are totally in accordance with the RoHS directive.

2. How do you perform electrical testing to ensure proper functionality?

We perform electrical testing according to the type of transformers as well as your specifications.

3. Can you supply transformers with international approved certifications?

Yes. Our transformers have already been UL1446, EN61558, JET approved. 

4. Can you create the exact transformers to meet my custom requirements?

Yes. In fact, the majority of transformers we sell are built according to custom specifications.

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Telephone number:+86 18328021686

Wechat: verazcc



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